Materials List


Feel free to substitute these colours for any that you have

For calyx, leaves, centre and stem wrapping

:Doublette - FERN/MOSS

:180gm - 562

:90gm - 366

For flowers

:Doublette - WHITE/WHITE

:60gm - Pale green (I laminated mine with fusible webbing. You can use MINT coloured doublette as a substitute)

To dye your doublette, you can use any combination of 60gm OR Extra Fine paper you have, or use alcohol inks in your favourite colours, or even use Pan Pastels.

For this course, I used colours PRIMEROSE, AMETHYST in 60gm and a piece of 593 PLUM in 180gm and a few pieces of BLACK 180gm

You'll also need strips of green 180gm to thicken your flower stems. You can use any colour you green you like.




Paint brush (1 to apply dye, 1 to apply Mod Podge)

Pan Pastel applicator


Brayer (optional when laminating paper)

Tray (on which to dye your doublette)

Ball tool (various small sizes)

Skewer to apply glue to leaves

Hot Glue gun


Feel free to substitute any of the following

25mm polystyrene balls (x2) one for flower and one for bud

16 gauge wire

24 gauge wire

Wax paper (to protect your surfaces)

Pan Pastels in the following colours: 220.3, 680.3, 250.1, 270.5 and 640.1

Glue stick

Tacky glue

Markers in colours 91 Natural Oak and 24 Marigold (for detail to buds)

Mod Podge Matt finish

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