Monthly Scheduling and what to expect

Welcome to Paper Flower Academy!

Here is what you can expect when you join the Academy!

  • Each month two new flowers will be taught! A schedule of the months course release dates and live facebook demos will be shared via the facebook and instagram groups
  • At the beginning of the month there will be about 7-10 days of down time while your instructors get the courses and activities ready. Downtime is necessary as this is the time used to make sure the courses are ready for you. We will however still engage in fun facts and icebreakers in the beginning of each month.
  • All courses will be added to your teachable school on the specific day they are scheduled to be released via the calendar that will release each month
  • Each month a calendar with release dates can be found in Instagram and Facebooks private Paper Flower Academy Groups
  • ***New*** For as long as you are a part of the Paper Flower Academy you will find that you have access to several flower and arrangement courses (How to build a bouquet, Hanging flower installment, Phalaenopsis orchid, English Lavender, Butterfly ranunculus, and Boscobel Garden rose {more to be added as time goes on}) Unless you have purchased these courses separately, they will only be available for as long as you are a Paper Flower Academy member.

If you ever have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to message or email me! My direct email is [email protected]